Indoor R/C Park

One of the most unique and really fun ways to pass the time in Flowood can be found at the Flowood R/C Indoor Park. For those who are not familiar, this is a track for remote control vehicles of all sorts. On any given day you can find people trying out new toys or even racing in leagues at the indoor track.

Never tried your hand at running a remote control vehicle? Never fear! Flowood R/C Indoor Park has you covered. You can rent a car or truck and try out some laps. But, be warned – you might go straight to Hobbytown and purchase one for yourself! You will be provided with a Short Course Truck and a lipo battery for $25 which should give you about 30-45 minutes of run time. And bring a buddy so you can race each other around the track!  

If you’re looking for some fast fun in Flowood, call the guys at Flowood R/C Indoor Park. They’re also equipped to host your next party!
Bubba Barham at 601-939-5048