About The City

In 1951, in the middle of a sleepy flood plain along the banks of the Pearl River, gathered a handful of people who talked of starting their own town. With little time behind them, they were granted a Charter in 1953 to incorporate the small town of Flowood, Mississippi. Mayor Chastaine Flynt, the Board of Aldermen and the City Engineer, with a great vision and influential assistance, stabilized Flowood as a prosperous town. Businesses began to locate. Homes, schools and roads were built that would open access to the town.

Flowood has continued to grow both physically and economically, with later annexations incorporating Highway 25 (Lakeland Drive), Highway 475 (Airport Road) and much more local territory into the town. Major changes began in 1988, when a comprehensive planning and zoning ordinance was adopted to purposefully encourage growth; in 1990, the Town took the steps necessary to become the City of Flowood.

Current mayor Gary Rhoads took office in 1989 upon Flynt’s retirement, and under the leadership of these two devoted public servants, Flowood has blossomed into one of the most accomplished and admired cities in the South. And while many great cities grow under the whims of happenstance and luck, Flowood’s growth has been purposeful and comprehensive from the very beginning. The City has focused on four pillars of development — healthcare, retail, manufacturing, and education. And Flowood has been business-friendly from the start, with tax rates, regulations and incentives that make it an easy choice to start or relocate a business here. From that strong tax base, the City has invested heavily in infrastructure, public services and amenities, bringing more new residents and visitors to Flowood with every passing day. From our well-trained police and fire departments keeping crime and insurance premiums low, to parks and public events that offer something for everyone in the family to do, everything Flowood does is focused on creating a delightful experience for all our residents and visitors.

We’re always eager to welcome new people to Flowood. Whether you’re visiting our beloved city or considering relocation, feel free to contact the City, the Flowood Chamber, or the staff here at MyFlowood with any questions you have. We’re always ready to share everything we love about our home.

Thanks for visiting, and welcome to Flowood!