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Now in our 13th year of publication, we're proud to say that we've distributed over 750,000 magazines, and have reached over THREE MILLION readers!

The Compass Editorial Mission is to exchange good news about our community. Beneath the layers of headlines and sensationalism of the established media, we find people making a real difference in the quality of life for us all - good citizens working to make good things happen.

They do things that make a town a genuine "home". They volunteer their time to help the disadvantaged, they serve in our local government, and build businesses that create jobs and prosperity. At the home-town level, these individuals often make a bigger difference in our daily lives than the big headline stories, but rarely get exposure for their work. It's our mission to bring these good works to the forefront, with the hopes of gaining support for their efforts, and thereby building a stronger community spirit through awareness of each other.